CRG Media Group develops and publishes games, music and similar indie media as well as creating innovative custom software for websites. We are based in Australia, and have the power of a small, independent studio, allowing us to create and release media freely and simply. Below is a severely inconclusive list of major projects we have worked on or developed in the form of a table. The orange ones aren't around anymore, the green ones were commercial, and the blue ones were just for fun.

Name Release Date Type
NKE3 2018 Game
Staple Blaster LE 2019 Game
PuzzlePolygons 2020 Game
OpAnnounce CMS 2020 Web Publishing Engine
MozzieMonitors Website 2020 Website
CRGCode 2020 Web Tool
Potion and Icon Packs 2020 Pixel Art Packs
Monopixel 2020 Web Tool
CRGID 2020 Network
ProPens and WeaponGrabbers 2020 Web Tool
Spherica 2020 Game
FSFA 2021 Network
OpenBake/OpenVerify 2021 Web Tool
TVEngine 2021 Game Engine
Tracer 2021 Web Tool
Magnace Arena 2021 Game


Say for example, you've just made a really cool game. You're a genius of a game developer, but you've got no idea how to get your little game to the mainstream. Introducing CRG Media Group - we handle the publishing for you. It's as simple as emailing us, working out some details then having your product launched to the world. Same can be said for music or any other creative medium.

If you've got a cool idea and you need a website for it, we can also design one of those; especially if you need one relatively fast.

Fast Response

CRG Media Group can respond to your requests and get stuff done quickly.


At CRGMG, we pay attention to the layout and "finish" of our clients' websites.


When picking a host for your site, we'll help you decide which is best for you.


Whatever you publish, we'll make sure as many people as possible can see it.